What to hack?!

Posted September 11, 2010 by narcissist168
Categories: programming

By way of getting back into programming, decided to hack an existing a project instead of doing the learn-the-lang-from-textbook-and-start-mini-project-route. There sure are a lot of places where one can get hold of open source projects:

  • sourceforge
  • launchpad
  • code.google
  • github

They were all very unfamiliar to me. Plus I had to use one of the version control system thingies to grab the sources.

The first thing that entered my head was Songbird, is that open source? Browse, browse, oops, Linux no longer supported. I have no idea why Songbird entered my head, don’t even use it. Wait, there’s the Nightangle project: bzr branch lp:nightangle. Errm, where’s the source.

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