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Ubuntu 10.04 on Asus Eee PC 1101HA

September 17, 2010

Managed to get Lucid Lynx working on the 1101HA. Wireless connectivity worked out of the box. Installed the poulsbo drivers from ppa as described in [1], summarized here

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gma500/ppa && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install poulsbo-driver-2d poulsbo-driver-3d poulsbo-config

Resolution obtained = 1366 x 768. Some issues remained, for example, attempting to switch to tty1 (or tty2) logged me out of the session altogether; flickering before the login screen appears. But I can live with these minor problems.



Two monitor setup

September 11, 2010

Averagepenguin [1] describes a method of moving windows between two monitors. I was hit by two gotchas:

  • at the font size and screen resolution that I use and with my poor eyesight, the backticks (`)  looked like single quotes ( ‘ ). Since I had no knowledge of the  command substitution concept [2] (being a noob and all), the xdotool command didn’t work. I was puzzled. In the end I took a wild guess: maybe ‘ was really ` and it worked. Sometime later I grew suspicious, went back to the site and increased the font size significantly, lo and behold it was very obvious.
  • in the bash script, we need spaces around the brackets [ ], otherwise it wont work. See [3].