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Twenty-seven inch beauty

September 12, 2010

A 27″ iMac sits next to the two monitors of my Linux system. I wanted to use that smashingly good screen real estate to “host” — probably not the right term but I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted in the beginning — some application windows. Using synergy [1], I was able to send keyboard and mouse commands to the mac from the Ubuntu machine.

At first I tried VNC. Didn’t need anything extra on either system; “vnc://” from Finder->Go->Connect to Server in OSX and allowing connections through System->Preferences->Remote Desktop in Ubuntu, making sure to require a password for entry (the first time I tried without a password it refused to connect). The outputs of both monitors were displayed beautifully on the iMac but it was horribly slow. I also had to disable synergy because of poor input response; I wonder if the application was confused about where the input was coming from or maybe it wasn’t designed for the madness I had conjured.