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An attempt to resuscitate cbrowser 0.8

September 18, 2010

I’ve had a number of issues with cbrowser, the graphical frontend for cscope. It doesn’t work on my system running Ubuntu 10.04 where tcl version 8.4.19 is installed (info patchlevel in tcl shell); don’t know if there’s a separate version for the tk component. Two glaring problems were encountered when attempting to examine the database generated from gnucash source code:

  1. Call tree functionality is broken
  2. Syntax highlighting caused the program (wish process) to consume 100% CPU time on a certain source file (specifically “gnucash-bin.c”)

The latest version of cbrowser that I was able to retrieve from a repository (don’t recall which) was labelled cbrowser_0.8-6_all, marked unstable. Diffing the version obtained from sourceforge, comparing two critical files, with the 0.8-6 version did not reveal any significant change in the code, at least I was not able to spot any changes. But the really bad news was that cbrowser is written in tcl, a language I had never heard of till last week. Before giving up, I decided to take a crack at it anyway, being a stubborn git and all. Learn just enough tcl and then hack away. With a huge amount of luck, I think I managed to recover some functionality but wonder how much of cbrowser is broken.