Two monitor setup

Averagepenguin [1] describes a method of moving windows between two monitors. I was hit by two gotchas:

  • at the font size and screen resolution that I use and with my poor eyesight, the backticks (`)  looked like single quotes ( ‘ ). Since I had no knowledge of the  command substitution concept [2] (being a noob and all), the xdotool command didn’t work. I was puzzled. In the end I took a wild guess: maybe ‘ was really ` and it worked. Sometime later I grew suspicious, went back to the site and increased the font size significantly, lo and behold it was very obvious.
  • in the bash script, we need spaces around the brackets [ ], otherwise it wont work. See [3].


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One Comment on “Two monitor setup”

  1. PxWebDev Says:

    When I did this I had similiar issues with getting it setup and it did take a bit of trial and error to realize some things, however; I have learned that when something is written such as as bash script, I usually copy the script exactly as it is written on the site so that I dont have issues with the comma, apostrophes, and the like.

    I describe as best I can what to do, appreciate the input.

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