Learning curve = brick wall

So Gnucash is written in C, I think but there are parts of it that are constructed in a language called Scheme, which in my esteemed noobness, have never heard of. I have no idea why there is a mixture of the two, maybe it’s written in an faq somewhere on their website but right now I’m happily distracted at finding out what the hell Scheme looks like.

I got a hold of The Little Schemer and after going through the sections on car, cdr and cons, I thought : what a strange language. The book itself is rather unconventional in exposition: in a two column format, questions are posed on the left and answered in the right column. I went as far as downloading mit-scheme to try out some of the code described in the text. Figuring out how to use mit-scheme posed another problem. [1] proved useful until I got to part 5 and the recommendation to use an editor. Installed emacs23 but gave up on trying to get it into Scheme mode. (Maybe [3] will be useful.)

At this point I want to take a step back and look at the overall structure of the code. I should try to make cbrowser [2] work just for the hierarchical function call viewer which I think will be very useful. Also need to learn about GTK the glue, I believe, that makes gnucash a GUI application.

[1] http://www.shido.info/lisp/idx_scm_e.html
[2] http://www.ziplink.net/~felaco/cbrowser/
[3] http://community.schemewiki.org/?emacs-tutorial

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